Lindsay Trottier, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

3322 Sweetwater springs Blvd Ste 202
Spring valley, CA 91977



Before I began treatment for chronic pain with Lindsay Trottier at Essential Health Acupuncture, my treatment consisted of multiple daily doses of anti-inflammatories, that offered only temporary relief and required the use of additional medications to combat the side effects of the anti-inflammatory medications, it was an endless cycle. Beyond this, by request, I tried physical therapy, but the “cookie cutter” exercises only led to increased pain, no relief and a return to the medications.

After my first treatment with Lindsay, I found a degree of relief that was a surprise to me, I did not think that my pain could be diminished so quickly and with lasting effect and as time has passed the effect has only gotten greater and lasted longer!! I have now move from 3 times a week to only once weekly visits, my need for anti-inflammatories has become nearly nonexistent, an occasional weekend of heavy yard work, may require an Ibuprofen or 2 that day, but even then, the pain does not linger like it used to.

Lindsay’s skill in Acupuncture is incredible, she is “spot on” with her treatments, that goes without saying…but it does not stop there!!! Beyond Acupuncture, she has also given me some stretches to do that fit my situation and physical ability, along with some new approaches to life and lifestyle that have helped to further my results.

My praise of Lindsay could finish here, BUT I WOULD BE REMISS if I did not mention one of the most important aspects of my time in Lindsay’s care…and that is her kindness, caring and devotion to her patients! This is something that has become so rare now in modern medicine, where it seems more about what meds they can give you and how fast they can get you out the door!!! Lindsay cares!! You can feel her compassion and concern…she wants you to be well, she wants you to enjoy life again the way you deserve to! She is always positive, even if you aren’t that day, she gives you hope!! Lindsay is a true gem and I will be forever grateful for all that she has done to improve my life…thank you Lindsay…you are such a wonderful person with incredible skills, a passion for your profession, a love of people and a heart of gold!!!

With much happiness,