Lindsay Trottier, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

3322 Sweetwater springs Blvd Ste 202
Spring valley, CA 91977



[5.0 star rating]


Dr. Lindsay Trottier has helped me immensely. Not just physically and medically, but mentally and emotionally as well. She is so unintimidating and scientific when presenting information and giving recommendations. I appreciate that she doesn't beat around the bush and addresses the foundation of what's going on. My chronic neck and back spasms have gone down, mobility increased, less headaches, and back-sleeping better. For the first time in a year and a half, my arm can cross midline and touch my other shoulder/back! And without pain, nonetheless. It's so interesting to watch her listen to my description of sensation and see her try out different things to get the bottom of it. One time she helped a little 10-day stomach issue I had been having. Lindsay also helped a friend of mine with OB/GYN-related issues as well. I am blown away by the results and possibilities of acupuncture and regret not giving it a fair chance earlier. The office is clean, friendly and calm. Everyone working there is nice. You get a whole room to yourself. So relaxing-- great time to be mindful, meditate, or sleep. Also nice to have a scheduled break from hearing and touching phones and electronics for a nice hour and a half or so. I love when the Himalayan salt lamps are on during a treatment!

Kelli B.

San Diego, Ca


[5.0 star rating]
4/22/2017   Updated review

Recently started to get the cupping treatments. They are amazing! I have tried it twice and even though it only takes about 15 minutes, I have fallen asleep both times because it is so relaxing. Even better, both times my neck or back released a few hours later. Not everyone would be a fan of hearing the snap, crackle, pop of their bones but, trust me, it feels amazing. I am also doing physical therapy and Lindsay is so knowledgeable, I'm glad to is helping guide me to a quicker recovery.

[5.0 star rating]
9/22/2016  Previous review
Lindsay is awesome. She is so knowledgeable and sweet. It always surprises me that she can tell what is going on with me.
I like the new location. It is easier to get in and out. The rooms are comfortable. She also gives other tips- recipes etc to enhance my healing. 

BriAnne P.

San Diego, CA