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Morning Sickness

A patient in her 20s presented in the office very early in her pregnancy. She had been trying to become pregnant for over a year and just found out she was pregnant for the first time shortly after beginning treatment. She wanted to help support a healthy pregnancy. 

She initially came in for treatment twice a week as she also wanted relief for pain symptoms unrelated to pregnancy. These resolved fairly quickly. At 7 weeks pregnant she began to feel mild nausea after some extensive travelling. Her symptoms were immediately relieved with treatment and with continued treatment, her nausea remained very mild to nonexistent with weekly treatment through her first trimester.

​As of 8/19/19, this patient has had 12 treatments (6/6, 6/10, 6/13, 6/17, 6/21, 6/24, 7/1, 7/3, 7/8, 7/15, 7/29, 8/12).

This patient is now on the normal prenatal wellness plan. Without any other pain or pregnancy-related symptoms, the recommended treatment plan is once monthly through the second trimester and early third trimester. I see patients biweekly starting around week 30, weekly at week 36, and twice-weekly starting at week 38-birth. I also recommend patients come in for a postnatal wellness check within six weeks of giving birth, and my clinic is a baby-friendly and breastfeeding-friendly space.