Lindsay Trottier, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

3322 Sweetwater springs Blvd Ste 202
Spring valley, CA 91977



Hi Dr. Trottier,

You deserve 100% of the credit for where I am now, and most importantly where I came from with regards to my health, and honestly, my life!   When I came to you, I was very depressed and was even contemplating medical retirement from a job I truly love.  I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back and down the right side of my leg to my foot.  The numbness and pain I was dealing with were having a major effect on every aspect of my life. The pain was extreme, and I had all but given up on any chance of being able to do the things I was used to doing. That included doing certain activities with my kids, working out and playing basketball.  I had always considered myself to have a high threshold/tolerance for pain, but this was something different.  Acupuncture was a 'check the box' kind of thing for me as far as I was concerned.  I went in with a negative attitude and was annoyed by the fact that I was even giving it a try.  I was ready to walk out, but then you came out and greeted me with the warmest of greetings.  You were very professional, yet you made me feel like I was your most important patient.  That meant a lot to me!   I remember telling you how much I didn’t believe in acupuncture and that this was a waste of my time.  You chuckled and very confidently said, 'Mr. Daniels, all I ask is that you trust me, give me at least 2-3 weeks doing exactly  what I ask you to do and coming in when I tell you to.'    I hesitantly agreed.   That was one of the most impactful and life-changing decisions I've ever made, and thankfully without regret.  That was 3 years ago.   

Since then, I have never, nor will I EVER  question your orders, recommendations, methods or your techniques.   I am a true believer in you and your treatment methods, and I express that every chance I get with co-workers, close friends, and family.  I drop your name and 'OUR' success story every chance I get!   I've heard many negative testimonials and comments as it pertains to acupuncture in general from friends and co-workers, but when I do, I quickly interject MY experience and share my story with them about what 'MY' Acupuncturist,  Dr. Trottier has done for me.       

To put things into perspective even more,  I have had the same primary care physician through my employment for over the past 15 years or so.  I refused to see any other primary care doctors over that span of time because of how comfortable I was with him, his professionalism and his overall care and treatment of me.   However, since becoming your patient Lindsay, It is now second nature for me to bring ALL my medical issues to YOU before I even talk to my primary care physician first for treatment, recommendations and/or advice without hesitation.   This is including, but not limited to Migraines, neck and back pain, and other illnesses.   Now, because of the faith and confidence I have in your skills and treatment methods, I won't see anyone else except you!  I have entrusted you with all my health decisions and will continue to do so.  You have earned my respect, trust and confidence to the fullest.  That had not always been something that was easy for me to do, but you changed all that.       

Dr. Trottier, you have been a blessing to me, my career and my family.  I cannot thank you enough for restoring my confidence, my health and my overall quality of life.  I still think back to where I started, and compare it to where I am now.  It's AMAZING and so are you!! I feel transformed, strong and whole again.   There are no words that I have that can truly do you the justice you deserve.   But just know I will continue to be your patient for as long as you'll have me!   And although you have many patients, thank you for always making me feel like I'm important every single time.