Lindsay Trottier

Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

5222 Balboa Ave Ste 21
San Diego, CA 92117



Dr. Lindsay Trottier is extremely knowledgeable in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine.  She is not only up to date on the science of Acupuncture but she is an amazing doctor. 
I experienced significant relief for my lower back and hip pain, as well as  benefited from her expertise in herbal medicine for overall wellness.  In addition, Dr. Trottier has referred me to exercises that have assisted in making my lumbar area stronger and improved my balance.  Dr. Trottier is very professional and compassionate.  She helps as much with the symptoms of the injury as she does the emotional impact of dealing with the condition.  Her treatment philosophy is sound and her commitment to helping others is top notch!   Dr. Trottier is a true healer and will help you regain mind/body/spirit wellness.  I would highly recommend Dr. Trottier for virtually any physical, physiological, and emotional issues they are facing.

(5 Star Yelp Review)

Martina J.

Fair Oaks, CA