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Knee pain

​A patient in her 60s presented in my clinic with knee pain and swelling following meniscus repair surgery. She had 6/10 pain and was having trouble walking up and down stairs. Her pain was worse at night and was affecting her sleep. 

As of 7/31/2019, this patient has had 6 treatments.

​(7/3, 7/5, 7/12, 7/15, 7/17, 7/31)

At her first appointment she had 6/10 pain even while sitting in the recliner, within 2 minutes of needle insertion the pain was down to 1/10, and the patient was amazed at immediate relief and increased range of motion. After the first treatment she had 36 hours of 100% relief in her pain and her swelling had decreased by 30%. By her 5th treatment she reported 50% relief in pain, she received 36 hours complete relief after each treatment, and her swelling had decreased by 50%. She no longer had pain while sleeping.

Almost 2 weeks had passed between the 5th and 6th treatment, and the patient still reported considerable pain relief since the initial visit, and her pain had not substantially increased even with increased walking. She will continue weekly treatments as the pain does come back minimally and she is increasing her activity.