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KNEE PAIN (3+ Reviews)

​Im 34 years old, and have way too much faith in my ability to do the activities that i did when i was 14 and not sustain injuries that i used to bounce back from. That being said, I had been skating in pools and whacked my knee pretty badly. Although its not in my nature to show any signs of weakness by seeking help, i twisted my other knee in a supernatural fashion a few days later and decided it was time to a) seek help from a medical professional, and b) reassess how important skateboarding was to me now that i am an adult professional. So i called up Lindsay, and quit skateboarding. 

I had never done acupuncture before, and Lindsay made me feel very comfortable. She was very attentive to me immediate needs (my knees) but checked my other war torn joints and recognized issues that had could have been exacerbating issues that i had already been having with my knees. She was attentive, pleasant, and extremely skilled, and although I intend to make this a more regular practice in my own road to self care, I felt the immediate effects of the herbal treatments and acupuncture 

I look forward to seeing her again!

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Clarke F.

San Diego, CA

Lindsay saved my life this week! Well, she saved my knee. I fell off my skateboard last Saturday and landed awkwardly on my left knee. It swelled up and was super painful. I went into her office and she fixed me right up with acupuncture and topical herbal spray that made most of the swelling go down and pain subside. Her office is super tranquil and relaxing, and I love her professionalism but also love how personable she is. I strongly recommend Lindsay Trottier for any of your acupuncture needs. I will definitely be back!

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Sierra V.

I have been seeing Dr. Lindsay for treatment of knee arthritis pain with great success, but this weekend I needed to venture out to do shopping and I encountered long line where 2 weeks ago there were none. Not wanting to have to come back another day, I braved 20 to 30 minute waits to get inside stores and then long lines to check out. Needless to say, by the end of the day, my knee pain increased dramatically!!! Luckily I had a session scheduled with Dr Lindsay on Wednesday. That's all it took was my session with this "Gem of an Acupuncturist" to alleviate the pain caused by the weekend lines and to get me back to my normal day, even back to my evening walk to keeps thing loosened up!!! I cannot praise her great skills, caring and compassion enough, once again she has "saved the day" THANKS DR LINDSAY!!!--

-Sam Z.

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