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Herbal medicine

Ideally, a patient can first modify their health through lifestyle changes or nutritional counseling. Beyond these modifications, there is a tradition of herbology that goes back thousands of years in Ancient China. A TCM clinician can prescribe single herb uses or many herbs together, in what is known as a formula, to help restore the balance of qi, blood and fluids within a person's body. 

Using the theories of TCM, the clinician will find the imbalance and give a specified amount of herbs and time within which the patient should consume the herb or formula. Some prescriptions can have an effect instantly, while others may require weeks or months to show changes in a person's constitution.

Because the clinician prescribes herbs and formulas specific to the patient's constitution and symptoms, and not by disease or condition, side effects are rare and easily eliminated through prescription modification. It is important to disclose any allergies, food and skin sensitivities, dietary restrictions, medications, and/or supplemental or other herbal usages to avoid any unwanted interactions or side effects.