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Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a natural and effective way of monitoring a woman's fertile window with the aim of achieving or avoiding pregnancy. It is a way of recognizing when a woman's body is signaling that ovulation is near or has passed.  A woman’s fertility is based on several factors but is primarily marked by her ability to ovulate a healthy ovum (egg), have suitable cervical fluid where sperm can survive for long enough prior to ovulation to eventually achieve conception, and then have healthy uterine lining to accommodate implantation. 

More patients are approaching acupuncturists for conditions involving women's reproductive health. Theses can range  from complaints of PMS and difficult menstruation,  side effects of their hormonal birth control, or for reasons related to fertility, sub-fertility, or infertility.

In my practice, I help women understand their bodies and use FAM to achieve their health and wellness goals. As a TCM practitioner, FAM helps provide vital information about a woman's health. The menstrual cycle in TCM is viewed as a dynamic relationship and balance of Yin, Yang, Blood, and Qi within a woman’s body and this affects every aspect of a woman's life in her fertile years through menopause.