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Lindsay Trottier, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine


I've thought about getting acupuncture for a while, and never knew much about it.  I am someone who prefers not to take medication when possible.  After an injury earlier this year to my elbow, I reached out to my college friend/volleyball teammate who also is an acupuncturist in Orange, CA (too far to see regularly since I live in San Diego).  He highly recommended Dr. Trottier and Dr. Han who travels and teaches all over the globe.  

As an athlete and a "new" mom I can appreciate all the advice and help Dr. Trottier provides every visit. I seriously learn something new every time I come to see her!  It's not just acupuncture, it is the philosophy  they embody here at Essential Health Acupuncture that I love so much; it is mind, body, and spirit.  

Dr. Lindsay has given me great tips for exercises, stretches and massages to recover from postpartum aches in my back, shoulders, and forearms, that eventually spread to and injured my elbow and reaggravated my old knee injury.  I didn't realize how badly my muscles were tight in my back, shoulder, and chest from carrying my son mostly (90/10) on my left side that it wore down my elbow and forearm to the point of injury.  Thankfully Dr. Trottier helped me with all of it!  She even has spots to tackle for my stress, lack of sleep, and immunity!  

Who knew? (Not me until I met her!)  

A lot of it comes down to really identifying with me as person, and asking the right questions to help get to the root of the problem(s).  Creating a   plan and integrating a massage when I can splurge really does wonders.  For those who know me, I keep busy and the older I get, the more I'm feeling it.  Thanks to Dr. Lindsay I can continue with my young at heart lifestyle and be safe and mindful as well!

Last week she also identified that I had nasal drip that was causing a would be throat irritation last week (I thought I was catching a cold) and recommended a neti pot type flush, explained how to do it since it always weirded me out.  Lo and behold it helped me tremendously with my sense of smell which I thought was pretty decent.  However, after doing one flush, my horrible summer allergies stopped, no cold happened, and I realized that one of my feminine washes I have been using for a few months actually has a nice subtle guava smell!  

Dr. Lindsay is always teaching me something, and she can relate to the female ailments many of us get from everyday mom/spouse/employee/athlete duties and things we get that we think won't go away.  She is sweet, relatable, and effective!  I have the best mini naps once the needles go in.  I can say that I ALWAYS leave rested, relaxed, and ready to conquer the rest of the day.  

I am also happy to say that she also does fertility treatments too!  I have yet to make use of it at the moment, but have referred family and friends to her and am excited to see their results!  

Thank you Dr. Lindsay!

(5 Star Yelp Review)

Michelle K.

San Diego, CA