Ba 八 means “eight” and Zi 字 means “character”. Using your birthdate, a Ba Zi 八字 consultant determines eight characters that are unique to you and examines the dynamic relationships among them. Through this information, we can assess how different aspects of life can be beneficial or draining to you, and how we can optimize decisions and circumstances to enhance your wellbeing.  We can evaluate personal choices, social interactions, relationships, career choices, spiritual growth, education, health and wellness, family dynamics, and more in a general sense and within the confines of a specific time in your life.

Ba Zi 八字 is not set in stone. It is not fortune-telling, but one aspect of the likely sequence of events in your life. It is an adaptable tool that you may repeatedly consult whenever you need help resolving your particular concerns, questions, and insecurities. Questions like, "Should I take this new job?" "Should I move to another country?" "When is a good time to have children?" "Should I go back to school?" and more. When coupled with the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a skilled acupuncturist can discern a lot about the quality of your life and the changes that will affect you beneficially and harmfully throughout your years.  Thus, it can even be applied to treatments by an acupuncturist with relevant clinical Bazi training.

As of October 2019, I have completed my training and am now a certified Ba Zi 八字 Consultant through The Academy of Acupuncture. I am qualified to interpret most charts and am accepting clients at a discounted rate through 2020. 

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Ba Zi 八字 - Birth Chart Analysis

In Chinese medicine, Timing is an important aspect that can affect the trajectory of your life. This influence unfolds based on your specific year, month, day, and hour of birth and creates a pivot for which the rest of your life and interactions will pivot around. Part of the Three Essentials, Ba Zi 八字 relates to the Heaven or Tian 天​ level, while Acupuncture is at the Human or Ren 人 level and Feng Shui comprises the Earth or Di 地 level. By utilizing all of this information we can balance the Five Elements in nature to optimize health and wellbeing.